Best time for sprinkler system installation.

Aside from the harsh winter months when the ground is frozen and digging is extremely difficult if not impossible, there really is no bad time to install a sprinkler system.

But that being said, there is an optimal time. And that’s in the autumn, or the so-called “ber months.”

So if you’re curious about the best time to have a sprinkler system installed on your property, we’re going to say anytime between the middle of September and the middle of November. Basically, pick a time between Labor Day and Thanksgiving and it should work out well for you.

Why? Well there are a number of reasons.

And our San Antonio sprinkler installation specialists will go over a few of them:

The Temperature Is Ideal

when the temperature is ideal

Lodged between the blistering heat of summer and the harsh realities of winter, fall is the perfect time to get outside and work on these types of projects .

Not only is the temperature in the air ideal, but so too is the ground temperature.

This is definitely a reason to consider installing your professional sprinkler system after Labor Day and before the holiday season rolls around recommend our San Antonio lawn sprinkler specialists. 

Installers And Landscapers Are Less Busy


Everyone wants to be outside working in the spring and summer, but fall often turns to preparation for the upcoming winter. So scheduling work to be done during this time of year allows you to get the work done faster, and sometimes at a discounted price. And that’s something our sprinkler repair San Antonio specialist know very well.

Once spring rolls around, and then summer, companies that perform these kinds of services are in high demand. Catch them during a slower time of year so you can get what you want, when you want it and in the way that’s most desirable for you and your family.

It Can Save You Money


We touched on this for a quick moment above, but installing your sprinkler system during the fall can actually save you some greenbacks.

When the end of winter comes and spring is about to be sprung, many parts suppliers and installers begin raising their prices because they know that the high season is right around the corner.

Save some of these higher costs by focusing on the fall when a lot of companies are actively searching for work.

Also, you can definitely save some time that’s why you should know some of the advantages of owning an automatic sprinkler system.

Your System Will Be Ready To Go When You Need It


If you get the installation out of the way in the fall, your system will be ready to go come springtime and you can get to work on making your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

But if you wait until spring to actually perform the installation, your lawn is going to be torn up and visually unappealing during a time of year when you want it to be just the opposite.

So consider having the work done during the so-called offseason. Come spring, you’ll be glad you did!

Always remember that there are many things you need to know before installing a sprinkler system so you can have a green lawn all year long.