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Sprinkler System Repair San Antonio

Regardless of who installed your sprinkler system, the quality of parts you used and how well your sprinklers have been maintained over the years, there’s no sprinkler system in San Antonio or anywhere else in the world that won’t require repairs from time to time.

And Texas Sprinkler Works of San Antonio has a number of sprinkler specialists on staff who are expertly trained in repairing every type of brand and sprinkler system available in the United States today.

When it comes to sprinkler repair in San Antonio, TX, our guys know what to look for, how much it’s going to cost and how long it’s going to take to get your sprinkler system working as good as new.

sprinkler system repair

The best sprinkler system repair in San Antonio

You won’t find repair services in San Antonio that are any better than at Texas Sprinkler Works. 

If you have a problem with your sprinklers, or even if you think you might need a new sprinkler system, contact us today and we’ll be right out to take a look.

Our free estimates for sprinkler repair San Antonio will give you a clear idea on what repairs will cost and what your best course of action might be, both from a financial and a system quality perspective.

Call us today and let’s see what the repair issue is and how we can best rectify it to your complete satisfaction.

Why would a sprinkler system stop working?

Quality sprinkler systems are made up of many working parts, any of which could cause issues from time to time if they stop functioning properly.

Some of the more common sprinkler irrigation repair issues with your sprinklers include:

Broken Spray Heads: If your sprinkler heads aren’t popping up when you activate your system, or if they pop up but don’t spray water correctly, you probably have a broken spray head. This is often caused when a lawnmower or other type of moving object drives over the sprinkler head, causing minor to moderate damage.

Clogged Sprinkler Heads: These parts are inserted in the ground after all, so having them clog up with dirt, sand or cut grass can be a common occurrence. The good news is that this one is an easy and inexpensive fix.

Faulty Sprinkler Controller: If your controller isn’t working the way it’s supposed to, this could be for a number of different reasons. Maybe the timer dial isn’t turning, or there’s a problem with the automatic mode or it’s failing to keep the proper time, or a number of other causes. This is an issue that’s best evaluated by a professional sprinkler repair technician.

Pump Issues: If water isn’t coming out of the sprinkler heads in the required volume or if you start hearing unusual noises around the area where your pump is located, it’s probably a good time to have this checked. Qualified repair services can isolate this issue and determine how to rectify it.

These are certainly not the only sprinkler repair issues that can arise with your San Antonio sprinkler or irrigation system. 

They are some of the more common that we see, however, and the sprinkler repair services at Texas Sprinkler Works cover every issue.

How much are San Antonio sprinkler repair issues going to cost me?
sprinkler system repair in san antonio

It depends on several factors

All sprinkler systems are different and the cost of repairs will largely depend on what the issue is and how long needed repairs will take.

A sprinkler or irrigation system is a complex thing and it’s impossible to estimate repair costs until one of our trained technicians has taken a look and prepared a complimentary estimate for the work that needs to be done.

But we can tell you that our costs are fair and competitive and our customer service team stands behind our work 100 percent once the job is complete. And if we find additional issues that aren’t included in our estimate, the new work won’t be completed until it’s discussed with the home or business owner.

Is it worth getting a sprinkler system?

We certainly think so 

But this is a question that needs to be answered by each individual homeowner or business owner after careful consideration of their wants and needs.

Having an irrigation system definitely makes caring for your lawn or acreage an easier task, along with other advantages like maintaining a green and healthy lawn, increased property values and several others.

But installing in-ground sprinklers is not an inexpensive undertaking, nor is it something that should be decided without careful consideration of the facts and the costs. It’s also a good idea to factor in sprinkler irrigation repair issues that will likely crop up from time to time over the course of several years.

sprinkler systems repair in san antonio gardens and lawns

With a warmer than average climate like that in San Antonio, TX, having automatic sprinklers on one or more of your properties definitely has its advantages. But it’s not for everyone, so consider all options before taking the plunge.

And if you do decide that a new sprinkler system San Antonio is right for you, contact Texas Sprinkler Works today for a free estimate and a plan on moving forward with installation of your sprinklers.

Customer Reviews

Texas Sprinkler Works
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Carol Jones
Carol Jones
20:07 08 Dec 20
For a long time I've been looking for good a sprinkler system installation professional and I'm so glad I found you... guys! my business garden looks amazing and I'm impressed of how fast you made the installation! 100% more
Matthew Eaton
Matthew Eaton
23:40 02 Nov 20
Was Referred to Texas Sprinkler Works from our neighbor. Called on a Monday morning, they came out that day, and... fixed the problem in no time. What I am sure would've been a disaster if I tried it, they we were quick to solve, replace, and check the system at a fair price. Very pleased with their service!read more
Henry Mota
Henry Mota
23:17 22 Oct 20
Texas Sprinkler Works was awesome to work with. My sprinkler system in my San Antonio home had some issues. Carlos and... his crew came out for a sprinkler repair and took care of everything. For sprinkler systems in San Antonio or sprinkler repairs I highly recommend Texas Sprinkler more
Monica Holderby
Monica Holderby
12:41 17 Jul 20
Always on time, good quality and fairly priced. Highly recommend.
Lupe Bueno
Lupe Bueno
16:51 09 Jun 18
I used Groupon in December to repair my sprinkler system. I was upcharged $245 for additional services. The sprinkler... heads he replaced are 6 months old and have come off by themselves and need to be replaced again. His ‘services’ included a “12 month” warranty and he has come out once to replace one of the cheap sprinkler heads he had installed (which came with a $20 service charge) and when I contacted him to inform him that another one had fallen out (after i went outside to watch the system at work and realized that there were problems with the system- : the heads are stuck in the grass and dont elevate when they are on- which results in water backing up into the ground and not spraying correctly; they point in the wrong directions and dont water the lawn correctly AND the fact that the heads dont elevate affects my water pressure- and is causing loss if pressure inside the home-). I informed him of these issues and that my long term plummer had tried to help diagnose the issues and he told me because I was questioning his professionalism, he told me to “lose his information” and “good luck.” I would recommend using another company to save yourself similar more
Jason Meridth
Jason Meridth
18:54 25 Aug 16
Carlos and his staff were perfect. They are professional, thorough, trustworthy, reasonably priced for the quality work... you get, punctual to appointments and will keep you in the loop if the weather doesn't agree with the scheduled more
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