Automatic sprinkler systems are becoming more and more popular every year in North America. And it’s easy to see why as they give homeowners a lot of “bang for the buck” when it comes to enhancing their properties.

And especially that’s something our San Antonio sprinkler installation specialists do all the time.

While once considered more of a novelty that only individuals in higher income brackets could afford, today’s sprinkler systems are actually quite affordable and much more attainable for middle class homeowners. Also, if you’re planning to install a sprinkler there are many things you need to know before installing a sprinkler system.

But even with the decrease in cost over the last decade or so, professionally installed sprinkler systems still come with the same advantages they always have.


Here are a few that come to mind…

Automatic Sprinkler Convenience

Think of how easy it would be to just flip a switch and be able to instantaneously water your lawn. With a professionally installed sprinkler system, you can do just that!

That means no more rearranging your sprinklers to water every section of your yard at different times. Now you flip the switch to turn it on and flip it back off once you feel the lawn has been adequately watered.

Increase In Home Value


With the addition of a professionally installed sprinkler system, both your landscaping and your curb appeal are going to improve. And these are two factors that readily come into play when having an appraisal done on your property.

The greenness of the lawn, the appeal of the landscaping and the quality of the system will all add value to your home and property.

Lowers Your Water Bill

automatic-sprinkler-system- waterbill

This one may seem a bit strange at first since caring for your lawn actually requires a good amount of water. But just hear us out.

Your lawn is going to need to be watered anyway, right? At least if you’re the kind of homeowner who enjoys a healthy looking lawn and landscape.

By using a sprinkler system for this task, you actually save water by using a timer and watering the entire lawn at the same time instead of section by section.

Rain sensors can also help as they’ll tell the system to shut down if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Better For Your Plants And Other Landscaping


Setting up your sprinkler system to turn on and off during certain times of the day can do wonders for your plants, bushes, vegetable gardens, flower gardens and much more.

A timer can keep all of your landscaping looking healthy and vibrant by preventing them from receiving too much or too little water.

Setting your system up in the proper manner can be a Godsend for your lawn and landscaping, so be sure to ask your professional installer for advice in this area.

Remember that before installing a sprinkler system you need to know when should sprinkler systems be installed in your garden so you can get the best results