Having a professionally installed sprinkler system means you can water your lawn much more efficiently and at the touch of a button, but it can also save you significant cash on your water bill over time.

That’s something our San Antonio sprinkler systems professionals specialize on.

It’s a fact that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves in the world of sprinkler systems, with much more focus given to issues like lawn beautification and ease of use.

It’s a fact that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves in the world of sprinkler systems, with much more focus given to issues like lawn beautification and ease of use.

But when you start seeing those cheaper water bills coming in the mail, that can be a nice bonus that reaffirms your decision to install the sprinkler system in the first place.

So what can you do to save the most money on your next water bill, simply by using your sprinkler system in the best possible way?

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Here are a few sprinkler system tips to help:

Water Your Lawn Early In The Day


A lot of water gets wasted over time simply by using the sprinklers during the wrong time of day, costing money that can be saved by instead using the sprinklers early in the morning before the sun comes up. Our San Antonio lawn sprinkler team tell us that doing this will prevent over watering and allow you to save a good deal of money over time. 

But why is watering in the morning a better idea than doing so later in the afternoon?


If you use your sprinklers during the warmest parts of the day, a good amount of water will evaporate before it has a chance to soak into the soil. This means the sprinklers aren’t doing their job efficiently, and you’ll need to keep the water on for a longer period of time in order to achieve your watering goals.

And this means a higher water bill, which is something we’re trying to avoid.

Water Your Lawn Longer But Less Times Per Week

When you water your lawn for a longer period of time, it allows the roots of the grass to grow longer. This helps it to grow in a more healthy way and it may even stand up better during droughts and possibly even fight off a disease or two.

As for the frequency, you can save a good amount of money by watering your lawn for a longer period of time (for example, two hours instead of one), but doing so only a couple of times per week.

Of course, every environment is different so you may want to do some trial and error to see what works best for you. Or ask the company that installed your sprinkler system for a few ideas on the subject.


Install And Use Rain Sensors

Have you ever driven by a friend or neighbor’s house and seen their sprinklers running in the middle of a rainstorm? I bet we all have at one time or another.

This is almost always due to the sprinklers being set on a timer and going off the same time every day, regardless of what the weather is like. You can see where this could pose some issues from time to time.

You can solve this problem by installing rain sensors on your sprinkler system, preventing them from going off both during and immediately after a significant rainfall. 

Not only will this keep you from looking foolish in front of your neighbors, but it will also save you some cash on your monthly or quarterly water bill. Our sprinkler repair San Antonio team explains that in fact, this is one of the most effective ways to maintain your sprinkler system in good shape.


Monitor Your System For Leaks

If you receive a water bill or two that’s higher than usual, a good place to start looking for the culprit is your sprinkler system.

Leaks are common problems with sprinkler systems and are likely to form from time to time, but they usually go unnoticed until they’re actually sought out by the homeowner or by a professional installer.

Finding and fixing these leaks can not only be good for your wallet, but it will also help the look and feel of your lawn moving forward.


It’s a good idea to check for leaks a few times a year

Maybe once per quarter or per season. 

The sooner they’re discovered and fixed, the better it will be for your lawn and for your pocketbook.